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Laurence Lewis of Czech Music Direct interviewing Andrew Downes in 2016 about Downes' CD of Symphonies and Overtures recorded by the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra under Ondrej Vrabec for the Artesmon label:

BBC Radio 3 "The Music Machine", 1990s
Andrew Downes, Head of Composition and Creative Studies at Birmingham Conservatoire is interviewed on BBC Radio 3's "The Music Machine" on texture in music. He goes through the development of Classical Music from Gregorian Chant through to 20th Century complex music, comparing this with music from around the world.

BBC Radio WM, 1990s

Andrew Downes is interviewed on Radio WM in the 1990s about his compositional process, influences, travels and love of music from around the world.

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BBC Midlands Today, 1982
Andrew Downes is interviewed on Midlands Today about the premiere of his children's opera, Odysseus and the Cyclops, at Rugby School.

Its all about arts, Boston, USA, 2005
Paula Downes is interviewed about her performance of Andrew Downes' Ballads for Christmas for high voices and harp in Cambridge MA, USA in 2005

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