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Fantasia for Flutes

Sonata for Eight Flutes or Flute Choir
Song of the Eagle

Symphony 5 for Flute Orchestra

Mountain Song
for Flute Choir, Harp (or Piano) and String Bass

Or watch on youtube:
Song of the Eagle (flute choir)

Read about other works for Flutes by Andrew Downes:
Music for Flute Ensemble
Music for Flute, Piccolo and Contrabass Flute with Piano
Concerto for Native American (or Alto) Flute with Strings

For Alto and Bass Flute Solos and Five Part Concert Flute Accompaniment.
Performed by the James Madison University Flute Choir (of Virginia USA) conducted by Carol Kniebusch Noe.

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Andrew Downes Composer · Andrew Downes: Sonata for 8 Flutes or Flute Choir

SONG OF THE EAGLE for Flute Choir

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Andrew Downes Composer · Andrew Downes: Song Of The Eagle

SYMPHONY 5 for Flute Orchestra

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Listen to a performance by the Columbia Flute Choir (Washington DC), recorded live March 8, 2003 at Columbia Baptist Church (Falls Church, Virginia) during the CrossLink Benefit Concert 2003.

1. Andante spirituale

2. Allegro vivace

3. Andante spirituale e sensuale

4. Allegro leggiero


MOUNTAIN SONG - Tone Poem for Flute Choir, Harp (or Piano) and String Bass
More info
The Columbia Flute Choir, directed by Sharyn Byer

Andrew Downes Composer · Andrew Downes: Mountain Song for Flute Choir, Harp and String Bass

If you have performed in any of Andrew Downes' works or come to listen, please share your experiences in the Premieres Blog! Also see what others have said. Thank you so much for your contribution.

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